Friday, July 15, 2011

Day at the Zoo

This morning the boys & I left the house at 7:30am to meet up with Colleen, Joey & Jamison at the metro so we could go to the DC Zoo. The boys were very excited about riding the train, seeing the animals, and hanging out with Joey & Jamison. We got home around 6:30pm so it was a long, but very fun day!

This deer was not part of the exhibits at the zoo. It had wandered into the zoo and was just walking around with all the people. It didn't seem to mind people getting close to it. It did decide to run away after a little while though.

These two were so fun to watch. I took a ton of pictures of them! It was a baby and mother that were playing the whole time.

I loved watching the big daddy lion playing with the lion cubs!

The boys got to pet a few animals in the children's area which they thought was very cool.

All three of the boys thought it was funny how the Toucan was talking to them. This bird was following them around the exhibit just yelling at them. It was pretty funny to watch. Of course once I got the camera out it just stayed in one place.