Sunday, July 17, 2011

Soccer & Playground

This morning we took the boys to the playground for a little bit. They started by playing some soccer and football then moved to the playground. Zak really is an athletic kid and picks up pretty much any sport fairly easily. The boys miss the cut off for soccer this year by only 5 days so they will have to wait until next year.

Of course I stood on the wrong side of the sun was shining right into the camera. The quality is horrible, but you get the point. He did it a few times before I got the camera out which always happens so I didn't get his best ones on video. When Ben is holding his butt he is only helping him swing a bit and not holding any of his weight.

Zak thought this thing was pretty fun however Ryder didn't like it. We have made huge progress in Ryder's vestibular issues, but he still has things to work on. He dislikes swings for the same reason he dislikes this spinning.