Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big Baby Boy

Today I had my growth ultrasound. I love getting to see baby boy every 4 weeks on the screen. I went into today's scan knowing he is a big boy, but had no clue just how big. They measure the head circumference, femur length, and the abdomen circumference in order to get the estimated weight of the baby. I have gotten pretty good at following the measurements and figuring out just how big he is. Today I am 34 weeks along. His head size and leg length were measuring around 35.5 weeks, but his abdomen was measuring at 38 weeks, yikes! So once all that was put into the computer it said he is weighing 6lb 9oz already! That is in the 97% for 34-weekers. He is definitely a big boy. He has been growing good the whole time...

26 weeks: 2lb 1oz
30 weeks: 4lb 2oz
34 weeks: 6lb 9oz

Today the high risk OB said since he is such a nice size (her word was actually huge) that if my contractions became bad again they would probably go ahead and deliver him. Apparently, after 34 weeks the size of the baby plays a huge factor in how well they do once delivered so he has a great chance of doing very well if he were born anytime now. Of course, I am still on bedrest and taking my medication because they would like him to go as long as possible.

At my NST yesterday it showed I was still having contractions, but they were weak and not frequent or consistent. I have my next NST on Thursday so we will see what is going on then. I do feel contractions still, but not the really bad pain and pressure with them. I go back to the OB next Friday so I can update once I see what they say about his size and the contractions.