Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Working on the Nursery

I figured I would start with some belly pictures. I have done a good job of avoiding the camera, but the boys always want to take pictures and my belly ends up being in some of them. These pictures were taken when I was 29 weeks (2 weeks ago). I am all baby out front now.

Zak was talking to Tyler

Ben has been busy working on the nursery. He had to Spackle a bunch of areas where the boys had made holes and dents. Then he let the boys help him with the painting. The boys had lots of fun, but of course Ben had to go back over their wall to fix it.
Ben ended up painting the ceiling, walls, trim, and doors. It looks so good now. The color is hard to really get a good picture of because it looks different from every angle and in different light.
We now have the changing table/dresser and crib in the room. We also got a small rug to cover some of the floor.
Now for an update on how things are going with the pregnancy. I had a growth scan done at 30 weeks and Tyler is measuring very big! He was measuring at 4lb 4oz which is in the 83% for size. They expect babies to be around 3lb at that point. More than likely his bigger size is due to my Diabetes. My blood sugars had been under really good control, but the last 2 weeks or so things have been crazy. The high risk OB and regular OB both told me it isn't anything that I am doing wrong, but between 28-35 weeks they tend to have control issues with most Diabetics. I talk with the high risk OB twice a week about my numbers and we make changes to my pump settings frequently. I have almost tripled the amount of insulin I am using now and we might have to add an injection of a different kind of insulin at night if things continue this way.

I have my next growth scan at 34 weeks and if he is still measuring big they will do another scan at 36 weeks. If he is huge at that point they will talk about delivering him around 37 weeks (week of April 18). Next week I start having non-stress tests done twice a week because of being Diabetic. That test takes about 30-45 minutes and just looks for contractions, watches the heart rate of the baby, and checks the fluid level. My last 17P shot will be March 30 so after that there is a higher chance for me to go into labor at any point. I will have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks if I make it that far which would be May 2.