Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cinderella Ball

Last night the boys had their Cinderella Ball at school. This is a big event for the pre-k kids and family where they dress up, have dinner, the kids perform, and then there is music and dancing for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go because of bedrest so Nanny went with them. It sounds like they all had a really good time and Ben did awesome at taking pictures and videos for me. I have put a bunch of the pictures in this post and will try to get some videos on the blog as well.

Our neighbors
Aamiir, Wanda, & AJ
Zak's "girlfriend" Ava
Ryder dancing with his teacher
Zak & Aamiir dancing

This afternoon while the boys took a nap Ben and I went to the car and messed around with the car seats. We wanted to figure out what would work best once Tyler arrives. We decided this is how the seats will go. For now, we took Tyler's car seat out, but left the boys' seats in their new places. Before we had each of the boys next to a door.