Monday, April 23, 2012

Growth Scan

Well, I will be 38 weeks along tomorrow. I can't believe it! The beginning of this pregnancy went by so fast, but the last few weeks seem to have been going in slow motion. Today I had one of my twice weekly NST followed by my last ultrasound.

The NST was slightly different today than other times. I was still having contractions just as I have been every other time the last few weeks. But today Tyler didn't seem to move around as much as he normally does. The nurse had to stimulate him a bit, but he did move around and his heart rate seemed to be fine they said. I told them I had noticed him not moving a ton, but I have found if I rub/push on 1 part of my belly he always seems to react. They said as long as I feel him moving throughout the day then it was good. So of course I find myself poking his little knee all day long making sure he responds.

I love having ultrasounds done because I get to see Tyler. Today it was really hard to see anything really good because of how squished he is. I wasn't able to get any pictures today because he is just way too curled up to really see anything worth printing out. The poor baby has no room to move or go anywhere anymore. He is head down, very low down. One really cute thing I did get to see is that he has a full head of hair. The tech pointed out to me all of the hair waving in the fluid, it was really neat to watch. His butt is pushed out right at my belly button and his little knee is where I rub him to get some type of movement response from him. Everything on the ultrasound looked good including my fluid level. Today Tyler was measuring 8lb 7oz which is 96% for a baby at this stage in pregnancy. His head and leg length are measuring about 1 week ahead (39 weeks) and his tummy was measuring about 2 weeks ahead (40 weeks).

After the ultrasound I met with the high risk OB to talk about the ultrasound, NST and my recently blood sugars. She said the measurements on the ultrasound can be off by 1 pound plus or minus. She thinks Tyler might be a little bigger than the estimated weight because they had a hard time getting really good measurements on his head and leg length because of how low he is and how squished he is. The last few days my blood sugars have been dropping low all day long even when I eat. So we talked about that and she explained that more than likely means my placenta is starting to deteriorate and not function 100%. In a Diabetic it is the placenta that causes us to require more insulin during pregnancy so seeing my numbers drop so drastically means the placenta is no longer functioning at 100% which means I now require less insulin. She said since my fluid level was still good and Tyler's heart rate was good that it should be fine for now. She did say to make sure I keep track of his movement and if he stops moving I need to call. We are going to lower my pump settings for now though. She said as long as my NST results on Thursday and Monday next week are fine then we can wait for the scheduled c-section on May 2 (Wednesday next week). We also talked about my scheduled c-section date. Since it isn't until 1pm she wants me to wake up and eat breakfast at 5am that morning to try and avoid low blood sugar issues. The regular OB instructed me not to eat or drink after midnight so I am supposed to tell them when I see them this week (Wednesday) that the high risk OB does want me to eat. She explained that eating 8 hours before the c-section is perfectly safe so hopefully the regular OB will agree.