Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rollercoaster Ride

Everybody told us that the NICU would be a roller-coaster ride and we are starting to really see that now. Earlier today we were told that Ryder was going to go back into the isolette because he was not gaining weight. When we got there tonight he was still in his crib and the new nurse said they decided to wait and see how his weight was tonight. So she weighed him and he had gained about 35grams from last night so he is now 3lb 3.2oz and Zak weighed 4lb 6.4oz. So he got to stay in the crib for now, but will be watched very closely. The nurse then offered to let us bottle feed them their feeding so Ben took Ryder and I took Zak. Zak ended up taking in half of his feeding by bottle before falling asleep and Ryder took his entire feeding by bottle. So that was a big step for both of them. I will keep everybody updated on Ryder's weight gain and how they both do eating.