Monday, August 6, 2007

Very Unexpected Delivery

Well, to make a long story short...the boys decided they could not wait any longer and made their appearance at 8:41am and 8:43am Sunday morning (8/5/07). Now for the long story...
I woke up at 2am Sunday morning to discover that my water had broken. I then started having contractions so Ben and I made our way to the hospital. At first they were going to try and hold off the delivery as long as possible so they put me on antibiotics since my water had broken. But the contractions just got closer and stronger and the boys just wanted out. So I was admitted at 3am and had the boys at 8:41am and 8:43am through c-section. It was pretty scary since it was so unplanned, but we held it together and pulled through well.

As for the boys:
Zak was born first and he was breech. He came out screaming and kicking. He weighed in at 4 pounds 2 ounces and did not require a ventilator. He was put on some extra oxygen just through his nose to help, but he is doing good. I was able to hold him Sunday evening. Ben and I both got to hold him Monday afternoon. He has taken 2 feedings through a feeding tube today.
Ryder was born second and he was also breech. He was not as active at birth, but was breathing. He weighed in at 3 pounds. They did have to put him on a ventilator and some medication for his blood pressure. The bp medication was stopped Sunday night and he was taken off the ventilator Monday afternoon. They are watching him closely for any signs of trouble with breathing and also looking for a possible infection, but he is also doing good. He has taken 1 feeding through a feeding tube so far which is really good.

I can speak for myself and say that I just so beside myself every time I look at my boys. I can't believe they are here now for me to hold and kiss. I am looking forward to the day they get to come home with me, but until then I know they are in good hands. I will post some pictures of them in the next few days.