Friday, August 24, 2007


Zak & Ryder both had their eye exams done 2 days ago and the results came back good for both. They will have a follow-up eye exam in 3 weeks to make sure they are still developing on track for their age. Zak has his hearing test done and passes. Ryder will have his done once he is out of the isolette which will hopefully be soon, he is getting very close. Today I had the lactation consultant come to meet with me and the boys to get some pointers about how to help them latch on and nurse. They are not 100% ready yet, but are getting there and slowly showing signs of interest. Hopefully they will both take to the bottle or nursing soon because once they get that down and take all feedings by mouth they will be ready to come home. Last night Zak weighed 4lb 3.2oz and Ryder was 3lb 2.8oz so they are both above their birth weights now which is good.