Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Developmental Pediatrician

Today I took Ryder to the developmental pediatrician. She went over all of the surveys that we had filled out and sent ahead of time along with the notes she took while talking to the regular pediatrician. She then asked tons of questions to learn more about his development. After that she did a bunch of "tests" such as putting pegs in holes, putting shapes in the right place on a puzzle, pointing to pictures, pointing to body parts, stacking blocks, and several other things. Ryder looked at most of that as playing which is how they can get kids to cooperate for the tests. Once all of the test and questions were done she told me her findings along with what she feels Ryder needs in terms of therapy. Right now Ryder is a little over 20 months old, but his development is at about a 14 month level. Even though he is at the 14 month level he is still missing a lot of the smaller in-between skills below 14 months. She feels that Ryder would really benefit from receiving private speech therapy and private occupational therapy in addition to the free therapy he gets from the county program. She explained to me that the services provided by the county are a great resource and do wonders with working on the major milestones, but they don't really focus on all of the little things that Ryder is lacking. She would like to follow-up with another appointment in 6 months to see how his development is and then visits will spread out as he gets older. We also talked about his genetic disorder and she agrees with the geneticist that he has more going on than the average Klinefelter's boy so something else must be playing a part in everything.

Now I am working on finding out what our insurance will cover and hopefully find therapists near us.