Thursday, April 2, 2009

Townhouse Update

We have made a few trips to the townhouse in the evenings to get some cleaning done. The previous owner basically packed up what they wanted and left without cleaning up or getting rid of the things they didn't want. Needless to say, we have a lot of work to get the townhouse into good shape.

Tomorrow I am taking the boys to Columbia to spend the day with Laura at her office so that I can pack. I am ashamed to admit that I have really not packed anything yet! So we have lots to pack and it all needs to get done tomorrow.

Saturday morning Ben is picking up the moving truck and then we are stopping my a friend's house to pick up some chairs that they are giving to us (Thank you Kami & Jerry). Then Ben, Josh, and Dave will get busy loading the truck. Tracy will be taking care of the boys and I will head to the townhouse to do some more cleaning before the guys show up to move stuff in. On the way to the townhouse Ben is stopping at his mother's house to pick up the dining room table and kitchen island we bought tonight. Once the truck is done being emptied we will head back to drop it off in Glen Burnie and then come to pick up the boys from Tracy. Our plans are to have dinner in Annapolis for a family birthday dinner and then make the trip back to the townhouse to sleep in our new house. We are a bit upset that we won't have television or Internet because UNC is playing basketball Saturday night.

Sunday Tracy is going to come up to the townhouse to help with more cleaning, unpacking, and a trip to BJs. Rich & Laura are going to come by to see the townhouse and to pick up the boys to take them to a birthday party for Gavin. Hopefully we will get enough done on Sunday to feel somewhat settled in before Ben goes to work on Monday leaving the boys and I in the townhouse.

There were some setbacks with the electrician, but they will be starting work on the townhouse tomorrow and then maybe finishing up on Monday. We are having them fix the old wiring as well as put in wiring and brackets for ceiling fans in the 3 bedrooms.

I will try to get online when we pick up the boys to post an update about how the move goes otherwise we probably won't be online for a bit.