Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The electrician finished up today so we now have a safe house as far as the wiring goes. We also have new ceiling fixtures in all 3 bedrooms so that we can put up ceiling fans which will be nice. I was looking forward to not having people in the house tomorrow so that I could start unpacking, but the best laid plans never work out. We now have a plumber coming to the house tomorrow. Ben was pretty sure he could fix the leak under the kitchen sink when installing the new dishwasher and garbage disposal, but it turned out to be something more major than first thought. He replaced all of the old pieces and it still is not draining so we think there might be a blockage or something. The plumber is coming tomorrow between 12-2pm so hopefully they will be able to fix it at a reasonable price and soon.

We have unpacked most of the kitchen things, but now have to stop working in there until the sink can be fixed. My next goal is to get our bedrooms arranged and clothes unpacked. We are also going to look into buying our new dryer, bathtub, shower walls, and fridge soon while the money is still there (it is quickly dwindling to nothing).
Even though we have had the electricians in the house, boxes every where, and nothing unpacked the boys have enjoyed having the run of the house. They enjoy having their morning milk cup while sitting in our new chairs in the living room (Thank you Kami) while watching Disney channel. They also love being able to run between their bedroom and playroom along with up and down the stairs. Batman is not too happy with the boys being able to run around and chase him throughout the whole house, but he will get used to it.
This evening I met with a pediatrician who is located about 10 minutes away from the house. She was really nice and took the time to listen to the medical history of the boys. I liked their office a lot and with it being so close to the house I think we will switch to them. The downside of this practice is that at the moment they don't have any hospital privileges. This just means if either of the boys gets sick and needs to be admitted to the hospital our pediatrician would not be their primary doctor while in the hospital. This is somewhat annoying, but they are working on getting privileges but in the meantime it will be fine. We are just going to keep our fingers crossed that the boys can avoid any hospital stays. I am going to have their medical records transferred from Annapolis Pediatrics and they have an appointment set up for May 8 with the new pediatrician.
Eating like Batman