Thursday, July 16, 2009

2 Year Portraits

This morning I took the boys to Sears to get their 2 year pictures done. We also got a group picture with Zak, Ryder, Piper, and Madelyn. By looking at the pictures you will never guess what happened in the 2 hours we spent there. Zak has progressively gotten worse when it comes to getting pictures done professionally even though at home he loves the camera. As soon as we walked into the room Zak threw himself to the floor screaming and the tears were crazy. I had to pick him up and calm him down so Piper got her pictures done first. Eventually Zak calmed down so we tried to get some pictures of him and Ryder. Ryder was all over the place while Zak went back to crying. Finally I told the photographer just to snap pictures when ever one of them (or both) were near the big number 2. We told the boys to use it as a drum and climb on it trying to get them close to it. Some how the photographer actually got a few great shots of them between the tears and tantrums. Next it was Madelyn's turn and she did wonderful. At the end we tried to get a group shot of the 4 of them wearing the Redskins outfits. Once again Zak wanted nothing to do with it so I just had to hold him down and try to snap a quick picture which was successful.

I really wonder why I put myself and the boys through this every year just to get pictures, but I really hope that they will get better at some point. Ben told me he doesn't know why I even wanted to try again...Enjoy!


Natalie said...

Despite all the trouble - they really turned out great. So cute!

Stacey T. said...

What a CUUUUTE group of kids! Sorry you had a hard time but the photos turned out adorable!! I can't believe the boys are 2!!?!?!