Saturday, July 11, 2009


The last 2 days we have pretty much spent in Annapolis visiting with my mom and also Mum Mum. On Friday we also did some shopping with my mom and she bought the boys each a pair of new sandals and tennis shoes since they have outgrown their current shoes. Ben also got a new pair of sandals and I got a few tank tops. Tomorrow we plan to stay at home because there i slots of cleaning I need to do and Ben is going to do some work on the white truck to get it running again. Monday we have a WIC appointment and then possibly a trip to Annapolis for a meeting at the rehab center regarding Mum Mum's progress with PT. And then on Tuesday Ben goes back to work and we get into a new routine. Now for some pictures from the last few days....

My mom & Piper with Mum Mum
Piper giving Mum Mum a hug
Piper & Ryder on the slide
Piper wearing Jamison's underwear
Ryder, Piper & Zak
(16 months between Piper & the boys)
Zak on the big slide
Piper & Zak on the slide
Mountain Climbing
Zak (wearing his new sandals)
Ryder brushing Piper's hair
Lunch on the deck