Monday, July 27, 2009


Recently the boys have been horrible when it comes to having tantrums. We can tell that 90% of the tantrums are really out of frustration, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. This morning Ryder had a complete meltdown while working with the therapist. He is usually so happy to do activities with the therapists, but today he wanted nothing to do with it. He was screaming, crying, throwing things, wouldn't do any of the activities, and would even arch his back so we couldn't get him to sit down! I can't believe how strong they both are, they are almost able to over-power me! The terrible two's are definitely starting...
Can you believe they will be 2years old in only 9 days!?!
Yesterday we went to Towson Town Center to let the boys play at the kids play area. They love going there and we love it because the play area is a totally enclosed room. After that we walked around for a bit...without a stroller. Yes, we had our first mall outing with no stroller. They both did very well. I don't think I am brave enough to do that on my own since that would leave me with no extra hands and when they do get tired I couldn't carry both of them.
Tomorrow we are hoping that Ben will be able to get out of work early so we can go to Columbia for Laura's company party. It is at a pool and will have a cook-out (including crabs) along with lots of other fun stuff. I am not going to attempt going on my own when a pool is involved because they are such fish and difficult to handle alone while swimming. After that I am working on getting everything in order for their birthday party on Saturday. Then the boys and I will be on our own next week while Ben is in Knoxville for work. I am not excited about that, but we will survive.