Monday, July 13, 2009

Upcoming Week

Today after my WIC appointment we went into Annapolis for the day. I went to visit Mum Mum at the rehab center while Ben took the boys to play with Josephine and Jamison. While at the rehab center we worked out a time to have the big family meeting with all of the therapists and doctors to discuss her progress and what the next steps are for Mum Mum. We have discovered that communication is not terrific between the therapists and patients (families) which is why we want this meeting to get all the information we can. While in Annapolis I made a trip to The Giant Peach with my mom to see some friends who own it and also to buy some cute outfits for pictures we are having done on Thursday. After eating dinner we headed back home since Ben starts working tomorrow.
This week we have a few things planned which should be fun. On Wednesday the boys and I are going into Annapolis and spending the night with my mom & Piper. On Thursday morning we are going to Sears to get 2 year pictures done of the boys as well as try to get some pictures with Piper, Zak, Ryder, and Madelyn all together. On Saturday Ben and I are going to see the new Harry Potter movie while my mom watches the boys for us. Sometime between now and when my mom leaves (Wednesday July 22) we are also going to make a trip to my grandparent's house to go swimming and so they can see Piper.
Sleeping on the way into AnnapolisPiper & Ryder hugging