Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Therapy & Comcast

This morning when Ben opened the door to the boys' bedroom he found a mess. Ryder had taken his diaper off sometime overnight and there was pee all over the place. We have some laundry to do, but had to throw away the backrest pillows because they are just too hard to get really clean. The boys and I played in the playroom and watched some TVs hows while waiting for Ryder's therapists.

The special educator had her session first at 11:15am. Today Ryder was very distracted and had no attention span which is very unlike him. He also had trouble with taking turns which led t a few tantrums. Unfortunately, today she mentioned that she is seeing some of his "autistic tendencies" to show again. He usually has them in phases and right now is an on phase for some of these behaviors. Some of the skills we worked on were matching colors (which he did good with this time), naming animals and their sounds (he does well except for the sheep and pig sound), and then we did some fine motor activities.

The speech therapist showed up at noon just as the special educator was finishing up with her activities. Ryder was also very distracted and had several tantrums during the speech session which surprised his therapist. She did say that it was somewhat nice to see Ryder protest because we are concerned sometimes that he doesn't have enough self-advocacy. Today she worked with him on answering yes/no questions, making choices, and speaking in sentences (3+ words). This therapist is always in awe of how much Zak says during sessions and loves to have him involved because Ryder will repeat almost everything that Zak says first! She is really interested in swallow studies, but has never gotten to see one with a child so she might look into coming to his swallow study to watch.

About 15 minutes after the speech therapist left I saw the Comcast truck park in our court. The guy came in the house and asked what was wrong. I walked him to backyard and showed him how the underground cable was messed up and how we had to attach our own cable to run through the backyard. He was the typical young, arrogant service guy which I hate! He said that he would have to put in an order for them to come out and lay down a whole new underground cable behind the fence. So he got on his handheld thingy and did a bunch of stuff, then handed me the paper saying it would be done in the next few weeks. I then asked about the cable running across our backyard which Ben connected so we would have Internet and TV. He said that for now he wasn't going to do anything, but after the underground cable was laid if we wanted we could call back and have another service guy come out to put down a different cable. I called Ben and he is not happy. We wanted them to put the cable in our backyard underground as well since that is how it should be, but the previous owners obviously messed with it while putting in the deck. UGH! I am looking at the positive which is that we have Internet and TV...we just have to make sure the boys and dogs don't mess with the cable which runs across the yard!