Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week In Review

I have been slacking with updating the blog as well as taking pictures of the boys to post on the blog. With the holidays coming I am hoping to take more pictures and post on the blog more regularly as well.

Sunday: We went to Bass Pro Shop at Arundel Mills to look around and see Poppy at work. While there the boys played with the various toys they had set up in Santa's workshop area. Then they got to sit on Santa's lap because there was no line. At Bass Pro you get a free picture!

On the way home both boys fell asleep. Ryder had put his Bass Pro sticker over his mouth before falling asleep. He tends to always put stickers over his mouth.

Monday: Ben headed to VA for the week for work early in the morning. The boys and I didn't really do much exciting. Once the boys were in bed I went through our Christmas decorations in the basement to see what we have for this year. I was exhausted because I had been awake since 4:30am when Ben's alarm went off, but unfortunately I was not able to sleep at all that night. I tossed and turned until about 5am.

Tuesday: I only slept for about 2 hours before the boys were awake and calling for me. Ryder went to school. Zak & I had to run a quick errand and then we went to Ryder's school because it was Education Week and parents were invited to visit the classrooms. Zak and I ended up staying for almost 2 hours, but he had a blast. I loved getting the chance to watch Ryder at school because he is so verbal and social while there unlike at home. I got to see him do many things he doesn't do at home! His teacher and I talked trying to figure out why he was doing so much better at school than at home. Ryder had a major meltdown at bedtime and it took a while for me to get him calmed down and asleep.

Wednesday: Ryder had school in the morning. My plan had been to go to the gym with Zak, but he was misbehaving so badly that I decided not to reward him by going to the gym. So instead we stayed home and cleaned. Zak helped me vacuum and do some other various cleaning around the house. After Ryder got home from school I actually got the boys to nap because I laid down with them. Once they woke up we did go to the gym for a bit. It felt really good working out because I had not been for a while due to illnesses and what not.

Thursday: The boys decided to wake up at 5am and start calling for me. I told them they could either lay in bed with me, get back in their bed, or play with their toys...they chose to stand in their rooms and cry. So we were up and ready for the day way too early. Ryder had school again and was in a very bad mood by the time the bus got here. All afternoon the boys were in such cranky moods so I was very happy when 7pm rolled around.

Friday: I was pretty much at my breaking point with the boys and Ben being away by this point. The boys were pretty cranky so we were all happy when Ben got home in the afternoon. Ben and I talked and decided we are going to make our own Thanksgiving dinner next week. I am hoping it all turns out good since I have never made a turkey before! In the early evening we took the boys to Rich & Laura's for a sleepover which they were very excited about.

Saturday: Ben and I went to see the new Harry Potter at the White Marsh IMAX at 9:15am. I was surprised when we got there 30 minutes early and the whole place was packed already. I think the movie was really good, but not the all-time best Harry Potter. I am now extremely excited for Part 2 which comes out in June 2011 though.

Today I made a trip to the grocery store and also went to the gym. The boys and Ben stayed home to play and watch some football. I did get a chance to take a few videos of the boys playing football with Ben. We have known for a while that Zak has a good arm on him for throwing. His YMCA coach has told me more than once how good of an arm Zak has and today Ben was the one who got to discover this as well. Zak was beating Ben up pretty bad with his throws!