Wednesday, March 9, 2011


On Thursday night I ended up taking Zak to an after-hours doctor because his pediatrician was all booked up and he just sounded worse than before. He was having horrible coughing fits and the sinus stuff didn't seem any better either. The doctor there checked him over and decided he still had a decent sinus infection going on along with croup. So he put Zak on oral steroids for 3 days and another round of Zithromax. He is no longer having the bad coughing fits, but he is still coughing a decent amount. Most of the sinus issues seem better other than a constant runny nose. I think I might give the pediatrician a call to see if this could be the start to allergy issues and if we should start giving the boys Zyrtec again. Ryder is doing great and just has a cough here and there and a slightly runny nose at times.

We went on a search for a new vacuum because ours was has not been working for a while now and the floors were getting really bad. After looking at a few stores I realized vacuums are ridiculously priced, way too heavy, and the perfect one just doesn't exist. So I let Zak pick out our new vacuum....he calls it "green super backroom"...for some reason when he says vacuum it sounds just like "backroom", kind of cute. The boys love this vacuum because it has different height adjustments for the handle and when it is all the way down on the lowest setting it is the perfect size for them!

On Sunday we made the drive to York, PA to visit with Ben's grandmother and Aunt who were in town visiting from NH. We met at their hotel and went swimming for a while. Zak got pretty used to the water fairly quickly and was off on his own and jumping in having fun with Jade. Ryder was not happy about being in the water which really surprised us because at the end of last summer he was also jumping in and swimming on his own. After many attempts of forcing him into the water he did finally relax a little bit. After we all got dry and changed we then went to lunch. In the early afternoon we made the drive home.

On Monday the boys went to their first sports class at the YMCA together. It is a class Zak did a few sessions ago, but we thought it would be great for Ryder also. They played soccer and did pretty good. Ryder didn't like hitting the ball with his head and he didn't really understand playing an actual game at the end. At one point during the game when they were all chasing the soccer ball Ryder got to it first, picked it up, and handed it to one of the other kids then ran off. All of the other parents thought it was cute and I just reminded Ryder that he can't use his hands in soccer. Maybe he would be a good goalie?! They both had fun though!

Now for pictures....

Both boys sitting waiting for their turns
Ryder in red, Zak in orange
Zak playing with the chalkboard at the after-hours place
Zak with his new vacuum
Ryder vacuuming
Zak swimming
Ryder was not happy
Zak had just jumped into the pool right in front of Ben
Ryder a little more relaxed
Zak, Ryder & Jade
Zak in his Buzz Lightyear towel
Ryder in his Woody towel
Today after lunch I spent about an hour with the boys trying on shorts from last year to see if anything still fit them and what we needed to buy for this year. Much to my surprise I only had to get rid of a few pairs and there were still some that were too big which they never wore last year. I have some little boys because all of the shorts that they tried on today that fit were 18-24 months! I am glad to know we are set for shorts this summer so I will really only need to look for tank tops at the Moms of Multiples Spring sale with is April 2.