Friday, March 18, 2011

Tree Cutting

Yesterday afternoon we had some visitors at the house. Nanny, Poppy, Dani, Haleigh, and Sam all came over. Sam had fun playing with Robin and the kids all had fun playing together. Rich came to help Ben cut down the tree in our front yard. We wanted to cut it down for many reasons and the HOA said we could do it.

There were a few times that I had to look away because I just didn't like what I saw. Ben and Rich both seemed to have fun with the whole thing and in the end nothing was damaged and nobody got hurt! Some of the craziest moments included the ladder sinking into the muddy ground causing it to sit at awkward angles until they decided to put a piece of wood under it and then bringing down the biggest branch which fall within inches of the neighbors motorcycle (they moved their cars, but the husband wasn't home to move the motorcycle).

I am glad to have it down now although all of the kids in the court were upset and repeatedly asking why we did it because they would all climb on it (one of the reasons we wanted it gone). We also need a new roof and the roof person told us we would have to get rid of at least the top half of the tree in order for them to get to the roof and do the work.