Sunday, May 15, 2011

I spent most of last week getting things packed and ready for the trip to Maine which had become an all guy trip. I was definitely not excited about being left at home, but knew that was what had to happen. On Friday I took the boys to the library for story time and so that I could pick up a few books for myself. They were good at story time and had a good time.

At story time all of the books were about dinosaurs. Their hands-on activity was really fun and the boys loved it. They used homemade dough to make fossils.

Friday afternoon Zak started to misbehave and had a tantrum in his room which results in him breaking his curtain rod...

Friday evening everything hit me pretty hard when it came closer to time for Ben and the boys to leave. I felt myself getting into a really bad mood with a mix of emotions including depression and madness. Ben woke up from his nap at 11pm and we got the last stuff packed into the car. Then we got the boys up and put them into the car. I gave them each a kiss and as I walked away from the car I completely lost it and went into massive tears. It took me a few hours to calm down, but once I heard from Ben that they had made it safely I was in a much better mood. Yesterday I did a ton of stuff around the house along with take a nap and read an entire book from start to end. I was happy when I got to talk to Ben and the boys on the phone last night, but sad because both boys were so tired, crying and just acting out since they were up 2 hours past their bedtime. This morning I talked to them again and things sounds much better. Ben said that this Ryder had said he didn't want daddy and wanted mommy. On the phone Ryder told me he was getting in the car and going to look for me. Today is the party for Ben's great-grandmother and he sent me this picture...

Looks like they are having fun playing in the rain. Today I have been extremely lazy, but have a list of things I plan to do tomorrow.