Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lots of Pictures to Catch Up With

Most of the pictures are not in order of how our week went, but I will explain them all. On Monday a few of the families within E Court put together an egg hunt and cook-out lunch for the kids which was fun. I enjoyed getting the chance to talk with some of the other parents while the boys had fun playing.

Dinner at Chick-Fil-A
(not sure which night this was)
Tracy playing with Ryder during his infusion on Saturday morning
We went to the grocery store to pick up some WIC stuff. We had just left the library so went to a store we generally don't go to and when we walked in the boys immediately spotted these!
Zak taking a nap in my bed
Ryder liked this chair in the bathroom at WalMart
Enjoying some nice weather
Zak riding the bull at WalMart
Zak riding his scooter around the community
The following pictures are from Saturday when Tracy & Kyle were over at the house. The weather was nice so after Ryder's infusion we all went out for a walk and to the playground for a bit.
This morning we went to Annapolis to spend the day with Colleen and the kids. The boys were so excited and has so much fun! We played in the yard, walked around downtown for a bit, and walked around the art festival as well. We got to see Natalie, Christine and Oompa as well. Ryder fell asleep very quickly once we got in the car and headed home, but Zak took longer and didn't fall asleep until just before we got home.

My plan for tomorrow is to make some calls to figure out plans for school for the boys next year. Some budget cuts have caused the county to cut out the co-taught class Ryder was supposed to be in. So now we need to figure out if our income will qualify both boys for the regular preschool program and if we want Ryder to stay in the Early Intervention class or move on to the regular class. Once I hopefully get some answers I plan to take the boys to the movies and see Rio.