Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is the World Ending?!

First, I want to start by posting some pictures from the recent trip to Maine that Ben and the boys took. Sounds like they had fun although Ben did have to deal with Ryder's usual tantrums. Ryder went back to school on Tuesday morning so we could try to jump right back into our normal routine.

The cabin they stayed in
Flying kites with Saba
Grammy Rivers with her birthday cake
Table covered in pictures for everyone to look at
Playing in the rain
This was a long paper that wrapped around the walls
Playing the piano
Ben & the boys with Grammy Rivers
(boys' Great-Great-Grandmother)
Saba & the boys with Grammy Rivers
Throwing rocks by the lake
Saba & the boys on ride home
Now on to my title of this post. There is so much crazy talk about the world ending on May 21 which is this Saturday. After the last few days I have had I am thinking there might be some possible truth in it all, not really. It all began when I started using the mail order pharmacy for my prescriptions, what a mess. One of my prescriptions was written correctly, but my insulin one was not. They only wrote it for 1 month supply instead of 3 month supply and then the nurse at the doctor's office got confused and gave the pharmacy inaccurate information. So I ended up paying for 3 months and only get enough for 1 month. I am also not able to refill because according to insurance it is in the system as me having a 3 month supply, ugh! I need a new corrected prescription from the doctor and then the pharmacy will contact my insurance to try and override it so I am able to get the correct amount. Now the doctor is saying he won't give me another prescription because I am supposed to be getting my next one from my new PCP since we moved and I need somebody local. I need to call back tomorrow to explain to the nurse that I need a corrected prescription and not just a new one since it has to come from the doctor who wrote the original one a few weeks ago. So annoying!

Then I have spent all morning calling around looking for a local PCP (primary care physician) only to find out nobody is accepting new patients. I was finally able to find an office that has Family Practice along with Pediatrics in the same office. One of their pediatricians does see patients under 30 years old so they made an appointment for me even though I am already 29. I guess it is better to get into somebody local then go from there. I really just need somebody to help me find a local Endocrinologist along with have somewhere to go when I am sick other than the Urgent Care centers. So I have an appointment for Tuesday morning and hopefully will be able to get my medical records sent to the new location.

And adding to the already crazy morning, I got something unexpected in the mail around lunchtime. We received a refund check from our insurance company. I called and apparently it shows our home owners insurance being cancelled as of July 9. The insurance agent couldn't figure out why because all payments have been made and no other issues showed up so he called the corporate office and put me on a 3-way call. From that person we discovered our policy is in underwriting because it has been listed as vacant! Apparently, we are currently living in a vacant house. The odd thing is that an estimator from the insurance company was just at our house about 6 weeks ago looking at our roof and then we received the check from them to get the roof fixed. The agent is going to contact underwriting on Monday and then get back to me.

Good news, Ben is getting a raise at work...actually 2 of them. He finished a certain amount of training so gets a raise for that and then he is also getting a small % raise for doing good work. Well, last week the correct raise came through for finishing the training. But today his paycheck came through all messed up with a completely random amount which was much less than it should have been. Luckily, Ben talked to his boss and they figured out what happened. His boss just has to clear it up with the accounting person at corporate so hopefully it will be worked out next week on his paycheck!

It just seems like something or someone is out there to get me. So many random things have been going wrong and never seem to be a quick fix or seem to make any sense at all. I sure hope everything gets figured out so I don't run out of insulin, I am able to find a new doctor, house insurance is figured out, and Ben's paycheck is correct next week.