Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun Weekend

This weekend was filled with lots of fun stuff. On Saturday we had some friends over for a BBQ and to just hang out. The boys loved having people over to entertain and play with. They also love to play with Kyle (Tracy & Dave's son). We had about 10 people over and had tons of food including crabs.

On Sunday we took the boys to the Orioles game. They were so excited about going to watch baseball since they watch it on TV with Ben all the time. They are members of the Junior Dugout Club so parents get $6 tickets and they have $1 concessions. I wasn't sure how far into the game they would make it, but we ended up leaving during the 6th inning which was pretty good I thought. We had decided to not try any night games since they start so close to their bedtime, but neither of the boys handled the heat very well so we might try one of the night games to see how they do without the sun beating down on them.