Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

There was a local carnival here recently so we took the boys for a little bit one night. They loved playing the game and going on a few rides.

The weather last weekend was very hot. We were in the mid to upper 90s with a lot of humidity. I believe we went over 100 for one or two days as well. Because of the hot weather we got the boys a new pool for the backyard so they have been enjoying that!

On Saturday we took the boys to see Kung Fu Panda 2 at the movie theater. They are so good at the theater so we have taken them to a few movies, I even took them on my own at one point. I am planning to take advantage of the $1 kids movies over the summer.

On Sunday Tracy & Kyle came over to hang out for a while. Zak was excited to show her how well he can ride his bike now. Ryder still has been unable to figure out how to pedal, but our neighbor was trying to help him for a while. Then we went to the backyard and played with the water table and pool. Kyle was a bit cranky because he decided not to nap that day so he didn't really enjoy the pool.

Monday we had Mya come over for a while during the day to hang out and play with the boys outside.
This week we have not really had much going on. I can't remember if I mentioned before or not, but Ryder ended up at the pediatrician office twice in 1 week last week. In the end he tested positive for strep and they think he also has Lyme Disease because of the textbook rash he had on his face. So he will be on antibiotics for 21 days, I think he has about 10 days left at this point.

Today I received a call from Kennedy Krieger saying they had a cancellation for a full Neuro-Psych Evaluation which was a surprise because we have been on the waiting list for almost 2 years! Of course I took the slot which is on Monday. Thank goodness I have a great cousin! We are going to Annapolis on Sunday to drop Ryder off the play with Jamison while Zak get his 1-on-1 time with Ben & I (long story, Zak said he wanted to throw Ryder in the trash because he wanted mommy & daddy time). So on Sunday evening Christine is going to come home with us and spend the night. Then she will stay at the house with Zak while I take Ryder for the evaluation. Apparently, this evaluation is scheduled for 9am-3pm! It does test a ton of things so I am looking forward to it.

Another piece of news that we are excited about...we decided to join a local pool for the summer! I had called around finding out prices from various local pools only to find out they were all insanely expensive. My last phone call was to a pool in a community about 5 minutes from our house which was just renovated so they had decided to open up membership to people outside of the community in order to help cover the costs. They had a deal that you could get membership for 2011 and 2012 for the price of one season. The pool opens up on June 11 so we are all looking forward to that. There are a few downfalls such as they don't have a baby pool (hoping to renovate it for next season), and all kids 3 & under (even if potty trained) have to wear the swim suit with built-in diaper because the swim diapers (Huggies Little Swimmers) are not allowed. Now I have to order some online because all of the stores are sold out and I have had experience with them not holding poop in as well as the diapers so I will be on edge every time about Ryder pooping in the pool. But we are keeping our mind on the good things, we will have a pool to go to whenever we want!