Sunday, June 12, 2011

Storm & Infusion

I wanted to post some pictures of a recent infusion. We are having some issues with the infusions because Ryder has developed an extreme fear of needles now so he has a lot of anxiety about the infusions. We also realized the numbing cream wasn't working for him because he would let out a horrible scream as the needle would go in. So after talking to other parents who have children with CVID we decided to try a numbing spray which seems to be working better. I actually tried both the cream and spray on myself before inserting my insulin pump and the spray definitely works much better! So now he doesn't really scream as the needle goes in, but still fights the process. We have decided that trying to bribe him or reason with him just makes it go on longer so now we just put him in Ben's lap while I put the needle in. Ben has to hold him pretty tight since he still cries, kicks, and fights, but as soon as I get the needle in and bandage on he is perfectly fine. We are waiting for a call from a play therapy program at Kennedy Krieger that works specifically with kids who require frequent medical treatments.

Zak's treat for being good during Ryder's infusion
Bump after the infusion
It is gone by the next morning

Later that night Ben got a service call for work so had to leave. Of course while he was gone a horrible storm came. I went outside to take some pictures of the clouds before it started to rain. It was impossible to get great pictures, but I did get some neat ones. I couldn't believe the circular motion the clouds were making. We had tons of tornado warnings with the sirens going saying to take cover and what not. There were actually 2 confirmed tornadoes which touched down not to far from us along with 1 confirmed funnel cloud about 5 miles from us.