Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bottle Feeding Battle

Well, we are now on the roller coaster of trying to get the boys to eat from a bottle. Zak has taken to it much better than Ryder. Ryder took his first bottle great a few days ago, but since then has decided he doesn't like to work for his food. So he is getting his feeds through the feeding tube still. Zak on the other hand has been doing pretty good eating from a bottle. He will generally eat about 25-35ml of his 35ml feeds by bottle. The nurses and Ben have had good luck with getting him to eat, but he seems to just sleep through his feeds when I try to bottle feed him. It is extremely frustrating, but they are slowly getting there. The nurses and doctors say it is something that will just click with them one day and then there will be no turning back. So I am just waiting for that day to come so i can bring my boys home. We took the car seats in to the hospital last night so they could do the car seat test sometime. The nurse today told me that they tried last night, but both had problems so when they are closer to being ready to go home they will try again. The car seat test is just putting them in their car seat and making sure they can stay in them for 1 hour without dropping their breathing or heart rate. When they are young their neck muscles are not strong enough to hold their heads up which can cause breathing and heart rate problems. Also, Ryder had his hearing test today and passed.
The whole situation of the boys coming early has been very tiring physically and emotionally for both Ben and I. We know the boys are doing good and will be coming home at some point, but it just gets hard some days.