Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Yesterday we had a long day, but lots of fun. We left the house around 11am to head into Annapolis for the day. Once we got there we sat outside and let the boys play in the front yard. Josephine and Jamison set up their lemonade stand and starting selling it like crazy. Then we went to watch the parade at 6:30pm which the boys seemed to enjoy. After that we had a cook-out and then walked back downtown to watch the fireworks around 9pm. We then went back to Mum Mum's house where the lemonade stand was back in business as everybody was leaving town. We finally got home around 11:45pm last night. The boys were exhausted and actually slept in this morning until close to 9:30am! Now for lots of pictures....

Chelley & Madelyn
Jamison at the lemonade stand
the boys playing
Jamison and Zak waiting for the parade
Ben & Ryder waiting for the parade
My boys
Chelley & Madelyn at the parade
Ben, Zak, Seth & May at the parade
Zak & Ryder with me at the parade
Enjoying their lollipops from the parade
Zak relaxing while eating his lollipop
Colleen's birthday cake
Zak getting ready for the fireworks
Ryder watching the fireworks
Christine & Ryder watching fireworks
Ben & Zak watching fireworks
Chelley enjoying her sparkler
Jamison with his sparkler
This evening there is a parade here in Edgewood that we are going to try and go watch. At the end of the parade there is supposed to be some activities for kids that we might check out also.


Natalie said...

Looks like everyone had fun - glad you guys had a good time!