Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family Update

April: Yesterday was an extremely rough day for me. I woke up feeling really sick with a headache and upset stomach. All day I was not able to keep food or drinks down and then my blood sugars went crazy. My blood sugars were extremely high and I was having ketones in my urine which are all bad things. Finally in the afternoon I decided to change my pump thinking maybe the insulin had gone bad from being in the sun so much, but when I took the infusion set out I discovered the problem...the plastic piece that delivers the insulin into my body was completely bent in half meaning I was not receiving any insulin for a few days. Once I changed my pump I felt like my sugars would go down so I refused to go to the ER (Ben was trying to make me go). This morning I woke up feeling much better and my blood sugars had gone down into the high 100's. I am able to eat and drink today, but still have a headache and upset stomach. Then I got a call from Tracy saying she had received a package from the pump company saying Urgent on the front. She opened it and inside was a recall for the infusion sets I use because of the same issue I had just had. So I contacted the company and they are sending replacements to me.

Ben: Today was a good day for Ben. He got a call from his old boss offering him his job back. He isn'tt sure exactly what went on at work to open up a spot for him to come back, but at least he has a job. He starts working on Tuesday next week. The downside of this is that he also found out he will have to be out of town for training the week of the boys' 2nd birthday.

Zak: Not too much to add about Zak. He has really started to talk a lot which is fun. He will repeat everything he hears.

Ryder: Today I took Ryder to a dermatologist to get his Molluscum blisters looked at. They are blisters he has had since he was about 9 months old which is a common virus that children get. The new pediatrician said that a dermatologist had something to put on them to help them go away quicker. So at the office they put a clear liquid on each of the blisters and told me to wipe it off in about an hour. Then they said they would become big blisters and for us to pop them and drain them. We had no clue exactly what it was going to look like and it was worse than we had thought. We hope this really works because the poor kid was in pain as we popped the blisters. He doesn't know anything is there once we stopped messing with them so that is good. We got back in 3 weeks to check for more blisters and get those cleared up.

Some good news for the family...Dani had her baby girl yesterday at 4:22pm. She weighed 7lb 2oz and was 20 inches long. This evening we went to see her in person and she is SO cute! I loved holding her and look forward to getting to hold her some more once they get home and settled.


Natalie said...

Poor Ryder! I hope the new medicine clears those up for good! Love the pics of sweet baby girl too.