Monday, July 20, 2009

Visit with Mum Mum

Yesterday after breakfast we (my mom, Piper, Ben, Zak, Ryder, myself, and Natalie) went to visit with Mum Mum. Since it was nice outside we had our visit in the courtyard so that the kids could run around and Mum Mum could get out of her room for a bit. I think everybody enjoyed the visit!

Ryder loving on Mum Mum
Ryder hiding
Ryder smelling a flower
Zak smelling a flower
Zak & Piper
Zak kissing Mum Mum
Ryder trying to push Mum Mum
Ryder kissing Mum Mum
After our visit with Mum Mum we went and bought a small plastic pool for the kids to play in. We also set up the sprinkler for a few minutes since Piper had never played in one before! They had a blast.
Zak & Piper in the sprinkler
Piper in the sprinkler
Piper in the pool
Zak & Piper splashing each other
Zak & Piper
My little fish!
Having tons of fun

Today the boys and I went to the grocery store and we made it the whole trip without a meltdown! I was very happy with how well they behaved. When we got home they went into the backyard with the dogs to play while I put everything away. Tomorrow the boys and I are going into Annapolis to play with Piper while my mom takes Mum Mum to get some tests done. Then Ben will drive in after work to have dinner since my mom & Piper leave to go back to FL on Wednesday.