Friday, September 11, 2009

3 Hours and Counting...

The boys and Ben are in bed (not asleep yet though) while I stay up playing online and doing last minute things. We plan to leave here at midnight to make the drive to New Hampshire. We have the car packed and it looks like we plan to be gone for months! We only have 2 suitcases of clothes, but the rest includes food, toys, golf clubs, pack-n-plays and so much more. There is also lots of medicines, inhalers, the nebulizer and so on because I learned after our last trip to Florida that it never fails and somebody always gets sick. With it being flu season and the whole swine flu thing I want to be safe and bring everything we might need. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everybody stays healthy, but you never know. I also packed lots of hand sanitizer to use after stopping at rest areas and just to use in general. Call me paranoid, but with Zak's recent blood results and our track record for illness I just want to play it safe!

I have figured out how to post updates with pictures here on the blog as well as Facebook using my cell phone.