Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vacation Part 1: New Hampshire

The first leg of our trip started just before midnight on Friday September 11. We left the house and headed to New Hampshire. The drive took just under 7 hours which wasn't too bad. The boys slept for about half of the ride and I slept for a little at the end as well. Once we got there we had breakfast, went to the grocery store and then went to Lisa & Greg's house which is where we were staying Saturday night. Then we left and went to a McDonald's with an indoor play area to meet with Jade and June (Ben's grandmother). It was raining so this was our back-up plan; we had planned to meet at a playground. Then we went to see the cabin at the campground which Ben has talked a lot about. When we got back to Lisa & Greg's house the boys played outside in the rain with the dogs and Greg. That night we had dinner with Lisa & Greg, Lisa's parents, and Peggy & Irwin who had never met the boys so everybody enjoyed playing with them. Sunday we left Lisa & Greg's around 11am and headed to Andrea's (Ben's aunt) house for a cook-out and to play with Jade again. The boys had a blast playing with Jade and the 2 dogs. After dinner we got back in the car and made the drive up to Maine and got there around 8:45pm.

Arriving in NH

Zak's ketchup lunch

Pictures from inside the cabin at the campground

Ryder trying to get a ball from Lisa & Greg's dog

Watching Barney

Playing with Jade's baby doll stroller