Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Weekend

Thursday afternoon we took the boys over to Rich& Laura's house to spend the night. They had their own little suitcase and were ready for their sleepover. This left me alone in the house all day on Friday to get some cleaning done as well as some downtime. I cleaned the playroom, did dishes, vacuumed, ran some errands, and then watched a movie. Ben went to his parent's house when he got off work and I met him there. Here are a few pictures of what we saw when we got there:

Zak was not ready to be awake so he just sat in my lap for a while.
Saturday morning we went to a cat show at the State Fairgrounds in Timonium. I was so excited to get back into the show hall and have everybody get a chance to meet the boys. After a while Ben and the boys went home while I stayed at the show. While at the show I fell in love with the cat that my friend Stella was showing. She has one of my breeding females (Marie) who has been producing some great kittens. Stella was showing one of Marie's kittens and this girl is the spitting image of Marie! I sat and held her for most of the afternoon. I am very excited to say that once this girl grands she will be coming to live with us! She is a solid white Maine Coon who is deaf, but very laid back as well as playful. She did well with the boys petting her and playing with her so hopefully she will fit in well. I am so anxious to go back to another show and possibly have a cat to show once and a while. Around 4:30pm Ben and the boys came back to the show to pick me up and go home.

Last night the boys were playing with Ben so I got a few videos of their new favorite game. They are going to be very good actors one day if they keep this up...they pretend fight...

Today we are staying home and being lazy. It is that time of year where Sundays are the day to stay home and watch football.