Friday, January 22, 2010

Tantrums & Flying

Today was a very long day. It all started last night when Zak woke up about 4 or 5 times throughout the night crying. I went into their bedroom and comforted him back to sleep, but he would continually wake up again. Around 7:30am both boys were awake so our day started. They drank milk and ate some cereal while watching Special Agent Oso. They played for a bit and then I let them watch the new Disney show called Chuggington which is about trains and they loved it! Then the fighting, crying, whining, and screaming began. It seemed like nothing would make them happy. For a while I made them play in the playroom so I could get somethings done around the house. Then around noon they both ate a very good lunch (peanut butter sandwiches), but became super cranky soon after that. So, I put them in their bedroom to take a nap. Nap time did not go as planned and they only slept for maybe 30 minutes. Finally, I gave up and let them come downstairs with me again. Zak felt pretty warm so I took his temperature which was slightly high which I gave him medicine for. A little later they were both playing well in the playroom. Ben made it home around 4pm and took over playing with the boys since he knew I had a long 3 days with these two cranky kids!

Well, the night just continued to go downhill after Ben got home. Ryder went into a very violent tantrum where we ran around the house and threw lots of things. He continually picked up the play shopping cart and chucked it across the room and had this horrible high pitched cry/shriek think that he did non-stop. He is really starting to show some behaviors that I swore just 3 months ago my little man would never have! The more he acts like this the more I am starting to realize he may have somethings going on such as the PDD-NOS. From what I have read and heard these behaviors start to show up around 2 years old and then progressively get worse as they get older. This is why we are trying to get things worked out now and get him any therapy or schooling that could help him learn how to appropriately communicate. Zak was also in a bad mood and wouldn't listen so they both spent a good deal of time in time-out this evening.

Ryder having a tantrum hanging from the fridge doors
Ryder having a tantrum...he was in the process of throwing his high chair across the room!
Finally, after they both ate some dinner they seemed to be in somewhat better moods...for a bit then they went back to the little monsters I have been dealing with for the past week or so.

Ben was able to find one thing that put them into better moods. They like to "fly in sky" as they call it. Zak LOVES doing this and will continue to do it for hours if Ben would. Ryder at first hated it, but is slowly warming up to wanting to fly once and a while. My new camera was a sports option which allows me to take multiple pictures very quickly. Here are some pictures of the boys flying tonight....

Zak has already woken up twice since they went to bed at 7:45pm. Looks like tonight might be another long night...