Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health Update and New Clothes

Zak woke up once overnight with a really bad coughing spell so I took him to the bathroom and gave him a breathing treatment. After I put him back in bed he fell asleep pretty quickly. This morning he was extremely cranky and continually told me "No want mesin", but he did take the steroids and antibiotics with no problem once he saw it in the syringes. He did fight me during the breathing treatment this morning, but was more cooperative for the others today. After listening to him whine and complain I realized he wanted me to pull down their train set which we had put away a little while ago. We decided to put some toys away in Rubbermaids so that we could rotate them since they have way too many toys! Looks like it is time to rotate the toys since they seem to be getting bored with the current ones in the playroom. Here is the train tracks they set up all on their own (I was doing dishes and laundry)....

Once I got Zak to put on the mask for his breathing
treatment he seemed to forget it was even on...
A picture the boys made on the computer paint program
Zak had an appointment with the pediatrician today at 1pm to re-check his lungs and see how he is doing. The pediatrician said there was still wheezing and junk in his lower right lung where the pneumonia is, but the rest sounded much better today. She thinks the medicine is kicking in and working well so we are happy about that. She then went on to tell me that they think we should start both boys on Zyrtec for allergies to see if it will help keep their asthma and breathing under control and prevent more infections and breathing issues. Also, she wants me to bring Zak in on Friday with Ryder to have one last check on his progress. On the way home from the pediatrician we stopped and bought some of the generic Zyrtec to start using tomorrow. Once we got home I laid the boys down for a nap and they actually fell asleep pretty quickly. I took advantage of that time to get some of their new clothes organized and I took some pictures. They are very difficult to buy clothes for right now so I am not sure that all of it fits them. We know they can wear 2T and 3T tops, but the bottoms are the issue. In some brands/styles they can wear 24month/2T, but in other brands/styles they still have trouble holding up the 18 month size.

Shorts and 2 outfits
(WalMart, Children's Place, JC Penny)
Shorts from Sears that Ben fell in love with
3-Piece outfits from Sears
Outfits from Sears
Shorts and Overalls from Yard Sales
Outfits from Yard Sales
Short Sleeved Shirts from Yard Sales
Tank Tops from Yard Sales
Outfits for Baby Abby (in FL)
Skirt for Piper (in FL)
Outfit for Baby Noah (in FL)
I also bought a bag full of clothes for Maddie at the yard sales, but I didn't get a picture of them before we dropped them off to Chelley. Girls clothing is so addictive and I just couldn't stop picking things up....and no, I still don't want a girl!