Friday, March 26, 2010

Take 2

Well, this morning I took the boys back to the pediatrician for what I was hoping would be their last lung re-check. She listened to Zak first and said his lungs sounded much better. She could hear some crackles & congestion, but as soon as he coughed it went away. So he is doing what he needs to do to help the antibiotics get rid of all the junk in there.

Then she listened to Ryder. I told her his runny nose was worse and he was coughing more. She heard several crackles in his lungs and even when he coughed she said it didn't get any better. His pulse ox was fine and respiratory rate was also normal which are both good signs. She decided to go ahead and give him an antibiotic and send us to get a chest x-ray. I just got a call from the pediatrician saying he definitely has junk in his lungs and it is borderline pneumonia so hopefully the antibiotics will help get rid of that. We have also noticed a trend with Ryder that is slightly concerning...he has never really been able to have a productive cough and get the junk out of his lungs which leads to the several bouts of pneumonia. The pediatrician said it could have to do with his low muscle tone.

Tomorrow is the last day for oral steroids for both of them. Zak has 6 more days of antibiotics and Ryder has 10 days of antibiotics. The pediatrician wants to re-check both of their lungs the beginning of next week and hopefully that will be the last for a while.

Onto a slightly different topic...I got a call the other day from the Immunologist at Johns Hopkins. Ryder's Geneticist wants him to see this Immunologist since he seems to get several infections along with the fact that he had that rare H.Influenzae Non-Typable back when he was 9 months old. I was shocked to get a call from the actual Immunologist. She was calling to ask me to send all of his shot records, any immune system blood work he has had, along with all appointment notes when he went to the pediatrician with a sickness. Before I had a chance to say anything she said she realizes that is a lot of information, but it will be helpful to her. Once she receives all of that information I will get another call to set up the appointment to see her at Hopkins.