Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Week So Far...

On Sunday afternoon we took the boys to JC Penny at Marley Station Mall and dropped them off to Rich and Laura. They had Easter pictures taken with Haleigh which turned out very cute. While they had the pictures done Ben and I walked around the mall and did some Spring/Summer clothing shopping for the boys. Here is one of the pictures that they got of the three kids together...once I get my hands on others I will post them also...

On Monday I dropped Zak off at daycare which did not go too smoothly. He started to cry as soon as I parked in front of the house! We got inside and he clung to me like normal. I have learned that if I stay for a few minutes, get his jacket off, show him some toys and then just tell him Bye (and that I will be back and that I love him) then walk out of the house he is fine by the time I am in the car. He is always happy when I come back and he always stops crying by the time I am out of sight so I know he is fine. Then Ryder and I went to the special story time, where his teachers from the therapy class are there to help out, at the library which he always enjoys. They read about everything green and made a rainbow art project. Then we headed across the parking lot to his therapy class. He did so good this week! He actually spoke a few words and played with the train set with two other kids. That is big for him!

We didn't really do anything special on Tuesday. On Wednesday I did take them to the playgroup hosted by the Infants & Toddlers Program which they always enjoy. This week there was only one other kid and Zak misbehaved pretty badly so it was not the best, but normally it goes well. Last night I escaped out of the house without any little "helpers" which was nice. I went to WalMart to look for some clothes for myself and do some grocery shopping.

Today it was gorgeous outside! I put the boys in shorts and short sleeved shirts and we headed outside to play. Ryder had his private speech therapy session today at 12:30pm which went great. I really like his therapist because she is so good at including Zak in things without taking away from what she needs to accomplish with Ryder. We go see her every week so hopefully this will help Ryder. Once we got home I took the boys around the neighborhood with their scooters. Zak had a meltdown on the way home so I put them in bed and they actually took a nap! For dinner we cooked out on the grill (for the third time this week). Tonight Ben went to the Home Owners Association monthly meeting and I stayed home with the boys.

Tomorrow I don't have any plans, but we will probably make a trip to the playground as long as the weather continues to be this nice. Here are some pictures from the week so far...

I am not sure what we will do this weekend, but hopefully the weather will still be nice. I think Ben will be in VA for most of next week for work which is no fun for me. Next week is pretty busy for Ryder with various therapy sessions. He has his therapy class on Monday, OT on Tuesday, Special Educator on Wednesday, and Speech on Thursday. But as always he generally enjoys all of the therapy because it is really mainly play!

Ben and I have started to talk about plans for Easter. Normally we go to brunch with my grandparents at a restaurant in Riva, MD but this year they are no longer doing the Easter buffet. We had already been talking about possibly not attending this year because the boys are at a bad age for any type of sit-down meal. So we are toying with the idea of going to the campground in VA that Ben owns land at. We would go for the weekend and stay in one of the RV-type homes and we could bring the dogs. It will be a lot of work to take the dogs with us, but at least they could go. The campground has all kinds of Easter activities for kids and an indoor pool. We have not made any definite decisions yet, but that is a possibility.