Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cat Show

First, I have to start out by talking about our very eventful and stressful Friday afternoon. It all started when the boys and I were heading outside to wait for Ben to get home from work. I had opened the inside front door and then turned around to pick up my cell phone. I heard Zak say "Come on Bat Bat" and before I had the time to react he had opened the door and let Batman outside! I left the boys in the house while I went out to get Batman. He has gotten out before since our old fence had holes and normally he would run a few laps around the townhouses then come back to our backyard. I watched him run around as I went to open out backyard gate, but then he did something very out of character. He took off sprinting down the main road barely being missed by a car, turned the corner and headed out of the community. I was in tears at this point, but had to go back to the house with the boys. Ben drove around looking for him and then we all walked around, but with no luck. It then began to get windy and dark. The skies opened up on us with hail, sideways rain from the 60+ mph winds and we had to go back inside. Finally once the storm stopped Ben took Robin for a walk to look for Batman again. I then got a call from Ben saying he found Batman running around by the playground in our community so I took the car there and followed him around for a bit, but was finally able to get him to jump in the car. He was drenched from the storm and covered in mud, but otherwise fine. Then once we got home we discovered our power had gone out! This led to some more stressful events, but eventually our power came back on late that night.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early ready to go to a cat show in Baltimore. I am a member of the Maine Street Cat Club so I went to the show to help out since the club was hosting it. I have been looking forward to this show for a while now. I got to the show and helped out with what I could, but I loved being around friends and having adult conversations. I was so happy when Rose and Stella let me help show their cats who were entered in the show. It really got me energized to try and attend more shows. I already have plans to go to a show in NJ with Rose & Stella in July which I am counting down the days for! I am also very excited to see what Marie produces in her next litter which is due in July because I am hoping she will have a nice kitty for me to show in Premiership (cats that are spayed/neutered) to help get Marie the title of DM. Here are a few pictures I took at the show....

(Rose & Stella's boy)
Nice Red Tabby boy in the show
Big boy in Premiership
Desi being judged
(He is one of Marie's sons, 1 year 1 month old)
Benny being judged
Benny scratching the post
Nice Silver Tabby & White boy being judged
(One of Stella's girls)
On Sunday I was able to take the boys to the show in the morning so my friends at the cat show could meet my boys. Rose and Stella have met them a few times, but many of the other people I used to be with on weekends had not seen the boys yet. The boys behaved so good and loved seeing all of the cats. Also on Sunday we went to Rich & Laura's house to see them since they had been away for the previous week.