Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot Weekend

Wednesday morning Ryder's speech therapist came to the house for a session. We are now working on getting Ryder to use 3 word phrases, answer yes/no questions, and start to ask for needs & wants. The therapist told me she thinks his expressive language has really improved recently (other than asking for wants & needs), but that his receptive language is lagging once again. She is very happy with the goals on his IEP and that he will get speech twice a week.

On Thursday morning I took the boys to the lab so we could get Ryder's blood work done. I am hoping to hear good news from the Immunologist, but I will update once I find out the results. Hopefully the extra Prevnar booster last month did its job and he now has antibodies against pneumonia.

On Friday we had planned to go swimming at Rich & Laura's once Ben got home from work, but he got home later than expected so we didn't get to go. Here are a few pictures of the animals from the last few days...

Saturday we did get to go over to Rich & Laura's for some swimming so that was fun. The boys love the swimming pool and it was much needed since it was so hot outside this weekend. Ben and I went to BJ's real quick while the boys stayed in the pool with Rich & Laura and each got a new pair of shoes. Around 4:30pm the boys and I headed home because Ben was going to the Oriole's game with his mom last night. Ben drove home Rich's white truck after the game so later this week we will take a trip to their house to drop it off and hopefully go swimming.

Today is was really hot and humid outside! There is an air quality alert all day today and tomorrow so I wanted to keep the boys inside as much as possible. Around 11am today Ben filled up the baby pool and we let the boys have some fun it in. Robin decided to join in on the pool fun!

The boys wouldn't nap today yet they had an incredible amount of energy tonight. So tonight around 8pm it had cooled off a tiny bit and there was a slight breeze so we went for a walk around the community. The boys love doing that so we will try to do it as often as possible. When we got home the boys fought us trying to put them to bed, but they are now asleep.

Tomorrow I am going to take Zak with us to Ryder's therapy class to see how he will behave. I am hoping it goes well because this summer Zak won't be able to go to the daycare he has been attending because she is taking the summer off (she only has 1 other child who would come when school is out so she is probably taking this summer off). The teachers told me they figure other siblings might end up coming over the summer so it would be fine to bring Zak. I am just worried about how he will behave and if Ryder will get as much out of the class with Zak there or not. The class is going to move to Tuesdays, but I am not sure what time yet. Ryder also has his special educator session on Wednesday and the OT on Thursday to work on feeding. Saturday Tracy, Dave & Kyle are coming over.