Friday, June 4, 2010

Last Few Days

First, I want to start with the big news from last night. Mike & Allison (in FL) welcomed their baby girl, Meghan Grace, into the world. She arrived a few weeks early because Allison was having issues with high blood pressure, but they are both doing great now. Gracie weighed 4lb 2oz and is 18 inches long. She is breathing on her own and Allison is also doing well after the delivery.
Now, I will go back to Monday to talk about our week. On Monday we spent the day swimming with Dani once again. The boys love the pool this year (not that they didn't last year) and are so much more independent. On Sunday night I did go to WalMart to buy some pool toys, bathing suits and rash guard shirts for the boys.

Sitting on Alexis
Ryder with his swimmies
Ryder and I in the pool
Zak with his new water squirter and basketball hoop
Ryder looking for trouble with his water gun
Ryder sitting in my noodle chair having fun squirting us
New bathing suits
Even though these bathing suits are 18 months my almost 3-year olds couldn't keep them up. They kept falling down and finally Ryder decided to just take them off!
Ryder having a chat with Milford
Don't they look way too grown-up?!
Tuesday night I was lucky enough to watch Kyle so Tracy & Dave could go out to celebrate her birthday. I was so excited about this night since the day they asked me if I could! He was such a good baby while I was there. He loves to cuddle... (6 weeks old)

Today the boys and I went out in search of preemie clothes for baby Gracie. When I asked the boys if they could help me look for clothes for Gracie Zak's response was "NO! Me clothes". I thought they were cute today so I took this picture when we got home from shopping...