Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Monday Zak came to Ryder's therapy class with us. The daycare provider he has been going to has decided not to do daycare over the summer so she can do some activities with her daughter. I completely understand, but had to figure out plans for Zak. After talking to Ryder's teachers I decided to bring Zak with us to see if he would behave and if Ryder would still get the most out of the class. I was definitely pleasantly surprised at how well Zak did in the class. So the decision has been made that Zak will be going to class with us on Tuesday over the summer. As for the stressful portion of this day, I woke up at 3am to find that our power had gone out. It got pretty warm quickly which made sleeping not easy. The power did come back on for about 5 minutes around 8am, but then went back out. It was still out when we left the house around 9:45am for the class, but was on when we got home at 1pm.

On Tuesday the boys and I didn't have any plans other than for me to get some laundry done. This is the day I realized we are having some financial issues, but I don't want to get into details. Some of our bills have recently increased and Ben's paychecks have slightly decreased due to the economy issues, but we are going to sit down and do some meal planning and bill planning to hopefully get into a better situation. Just as I was making this realization our power went out again (around 9:30am)! Needless to say, I was not very happy. Luckily, there was a breeze outside and the temperatures were not too bad so I opened the windows and let the boys play outside for a bit. Zak ended up not listening to me and hitting me in the head with his plastic baseball bat so I put him in time out inside. I went back outside to get Ryder who I found in the baby pool even after being told no several times. Once I got him dried off and we came inside I found Zak covered in chocolate! He had gotten off the steps, gotten into my chair and gotten into the Hershey Kisses. I fed them lunch and then put them in their room. They cried for a while, but finally did fall asleep. Around 1:30pm or so the power came back on which was good because it had started to get warm in the house. While we were waiting for dinner to finish cooking Zak was playing in the kitchen with the magnets on the fridge. We noticed he got quiet so Ben went in to check on him and this is what we found....

Zak had gotten into the fridge, pulled out 7 things of yogurt (were all connected), opened 5 of them, put the lids back in the fridge. Then laid under the table and started to lick them with his tongue! He was very proud of himself when we found him. We let him and Ryder eat the 5 opened things of yogurt for dinner.

And now on to today. Ryder's special educator came to the house this morning for a session. We played memory, sorted colors and a few other games that the boys love. It rained pretty much all day so we stayed inside. When Ben got home from work he walked inside holding our diaper bag which was soaking wet. He said he found it sitting in the grass at the end of our court with everything all over the place. As soon as I realized the diaper bag was in the car I ran out to the car and my purse was gone! The car was not damaged at all. Our car is falling apart horribly and one of the issues with it is that when you lock the car the back trunk door doesn't always lock (or unlock). We think that is what happened the last time we locked the car, it must have not locked so somebody could get in that way. Nothing else was missing from the car other than my purse. We called and cancelled all of the credit cards and bank cards. The police came to make a report. Now I have to replace my driver's license and figure out what else was in my purse. I know some of my camera memory cards were in there, some cash, health insurance cards, library card, various other store savings cards, and who knows what else. I just hate this feeling of not knowing exactly what I had in my purse and am now missing!

This has just pushed me further over the edge.