Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toy Story 3

Today we took the boys to see their first movie in the movie theater! We were all excited about going to see Buzz and Woody in Toy Story 3. We got to the theater around 10:30am, bought our tickets and then walked around for a bit. We got our snacks and headed in to find seats around 11:20am. The boys had trouble with preventing the seats from folding up on them, but once we convinced them to share a chair they were fine. The previews seemed to go on forever, but Ben and I did see a few things we want to see once they come out! The movie finally started at noon and we were out of there around 1:45pm. The boys did so good. They had no issues just sitting eating popcorn and watching the movie. However, Zak did throw a fit when the movie was over and we had to leave. He did not want to leave that theater!

On a side note, today at the movie theater I saw that Arundel Mills is doing a special showing of Twilight and New Moon then the midnight showing of Eclipse on Tuesday. I did not get to see the first 2 in the theater and I am dying to see Eclipse so this was an awesome idea to me. I am happy to say that I just bought my ticket! The boys will have a sleepover with Nanny (Laura) so that I can go which will make them happy as well.