Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bloodwork Troubles

At Zak & Ryder's 1 year pediatrician appointment they gave us lab slips to have lead levels and CBC done. Ryder also still needed to have his chromosome testing as well. So I finally gave in and we (Tracy & I) took the boys to have blood work done. Tracy stayed in the waiting room with Zak while I took Ryder to get his blood drawn first. It was so rough having to hold him and restrain him while they poked him. They ended up poking him twice and he didn't even bleed with the turnicit on! So they are ordering smaller needles and will call us when they come in so we can bring Ryder back to try again. If they are unable to get the blood drawn we might end up going to the PICU to have them draw it.

Then Tracy and I switched so I took Zak for his turn. He is SO strong!! Once again I had to hold him and restrain him while they poked him. On the second try they were able to get enough blood for his lead and CBC tests. So he is all done with blood work for a while, hopefully.
Here are a few pictures of them afterwards with their bandages...