Thursday, August 7, 2008


Tonight we decided to give the boys a haircut. Their hair has gotten pretty long and it seems to always get food and formula in it which causes for some bad hair days! So we decided to give them a buzz cut. We used Ben's beard shaver to cut their hair. They both did pretty well for the most part, but soon got tired since it was very close to bedtime. Here are some before, during, and after pictures....



On a different note, Zak has now started to enjoy taking his diaper off! The other morning we went in to get them out of their cribs and Zak was laying there with his diaper off. Yikes. Tomorrow Tracy & I are going to take the boys to get their blood work done. Both need to have blood work for lead and blood count for their 1yr pediatrician appointment and Ryder has his chromosome tests to do as well.


Megan said...

i saw once that a dad used duct tape to keep the diaper on... LMAO!!! ava does it too, so we use pull-ups OR put a onesie on her... haha