Friday, August 29, 2008

Upcoming Family Vacations

We are very excited because we have 2 upcoming family vacations planned. The first we will be going to Ocean City Monday September 8 after Ben gets off work until Thursday evening. I grew up going to OC every year and can't wait to start taking the boys as well. We will be staying at a time-share which is located at 1st Street and the Boardwalk; the same place I stayed when I would go as a kid. Batman will be staying at Dogwood while we are away.

The second trip is planned for January 12 - 21 and we will be flying to Florida and staying with my mom. She flies us down there once a year and we usually try to go in January or February. This year we will be going to Disney (probably 2 days). This will be the boys' second trip to my mom's house, but their first time to Disney.

We are also planning to go to the MD Renaissance Fair the end of September with Tracy & Dave. Ben and the boys have never been so that will be fun as well.