Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Mini Vacation

We packed up and went to Easton, MD for a few days this week. It was a mini vacation for the 4 of us; always nice to get away even for just a few days. Tracy & Dave are house-sitting and dog-sitting for Dave's parents and they invited us to come over for Ben's days off. So we headed over there Monday afternoon when Ben got home from work and we just got home tonight in time to put the boys down for bed. We had a great time and it was pretty much free except for the gas to get there and back. The house was gorgeous! It is right on the water and on a wooded lot with lots of privacy. The weather was so nice the whole time so we got to keep all of the windows open to hear the outdoor noises and feel the nice breeze. Zak & Ryder also had lots of fun playing in the grass, on the hammock and swing, and playing with the dogs! Here are some cute pictures from the last few days....

Breakfast Tuesday Morning

Playing Outside Tuesday

Zak playing with the grass

Ryder with his pet grasshopper (this thing sat with him forever)

Ben with the dogs

Ben and Zak

Ryder & Zak on the swing

Me & the boys on the swing