Sunday, October 11, 2009

Busy Day

This morning after the boys woke up I packed their suitcase for a sleepover with Rich & Laura while Ben fed them breakfast. While waiting for Rich & Laura to come pick them up we made some candy necklaces which the boys LOVED!!

Of course we had to dress the boys in their Redskins jerseys which Laura was not excited about since she is a Ravens fan...

Zak was extremely excited for his sleepover! He loves pulling around their little Cars suitcase...

After the boys left Ben and I started to work on cleaning and organizing the house. We started with the kitchen and then moved into the living room. Around noon we took a break for lunch and to do some Christmas shopping. In the ads we saw that Toys R Us was having some good Columbus Day sales so we headed there. We were going to look for scooters and trains for the boys along with a Barney stuffed animal. We walked out with 2 Harley Davidson Scooters and 2 Barneys. When we got home I got online to find a picture of the scooter to post on here and found a big surprise...these scooters were on sale for half price on the Toys R Us website! So I bought 2 online and then we returned the 2 we had bought in the store. We ended up saving $30 by buying them online (even after shipping costs were added in). On our second trip to Toys R Us (to return the scooters) we also got some stocking stuffers...trains, candy necklaces, and a few glow sticks for Halloween.

Tomorrow Ben leaves for VA for a few days. I will continue to work on the house some more until Rich & Laura bring the boys back home sometime in the afternoon/evening.