Friday, October 9, 2009


The other day we made a trip to the playground after Ben got home from work. The boys love going to the playground, but it can be difficult for me to take them alone since they are now climbing everything (including things they really can't which means lots of falls) and go in opposite directions. Also, the playgrounds are not completely enclosed so they can easily escape if I don't keep an eye on where they both are. I have made trips by myself in the mornings when it is not busy, but it is stressful.

Yesterday I realized we already have something to use as a tool belt for Ryder! We still have one of the Home Depot work aprons so I just folded it in half and Ryder wore it all evening. We now are have whole construction costume because Laura found a hard hat for us. It is hard to see since in the picture his shirt is also orange....

The next few weeks are probably going to be crazy for us because Ben will be going out of town a few times. First, he will be going to VA for 3 days or so to help out with jobs there since one of their techs is injured. We are not sure when this will be, but probably in the next 2 weeks. Then Ben just found out that his company has a new contract dealing with a new product which means they need to train some of the techs on how to work on it. Well, Ben has been told he will be going to the training which is in California! It looks like he might be going the first week of November, but that is not definite yet.