Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Costumes

This morning I took a picture of the boys wearing their new shoes and sent it to Ben because I thought they were very cute! A little later Ben called me and said he was inspired by the pictures I sent him and he figured out what the boys should be for Halloween....can you guess?
It is probably hard to tell since it is not a great picture, but look closely at their shoes. Zak has on cowboy boots and Ryder has on work boots. They are going to be a cowboy and a construction worker. Today at WalMart I found a super cute cowboy outfit which included a hat, chaps, and a vest.
As for the construction worker we are thinking along the lines of Handy Manny since the boys know who he is. I think we will look for a Handy Manny tool belt and a hard hat. With these costumes we are hoping the boys will be comfortable to walk around since they will basically be wearing their regular clothes with a few accessories.
Off topic, but I wanted to quickly post that I am planning a trip to FL to visit Mum Mum. She is going downhill very quickly so we all want a chance to go down and visit with her. I know Chelley, John & Madelyn are going the first weekend of November and Christine will be going the second weekend of November. I will be going alone since flights are not cheap this time of year because of Thanksgiving. Tentatively I will be going November 18 until November 21 and the boys will stay with Rich & Laura since Ben will be working. We plan to make our yearly family trip to FL in April, but I want to go down before that to visit with Mum Mum.