Friday, October 30, 2009

Naked Chefs & Unsuccessful Halloween

Tonight the boys helped Ben make dinner...

This year we have decided to skip Halloween. One reason is there is a 70% chance of rain tomorrow starting at 4pm and all through the night. The bigger reason is because we are still not 100% healthy. I still feel pretty sick (bad cough, stuffy nose, fever), Ben is starting to cough and have a sore throat, and Zak is still coughing pretty badly as well. We decided that the four of us need some rest since Ben will be away all next week. Tomorrow Ben is going to take the boys to stay with Rich & Laura while he helps Chelley & John move. Then he will come pick me up and we will go back to his parent's house. At that point we will take pictures with all of the grand kids in Halloween costumes and then head home for the night.

Since we will not be trick-or-treating tomorrow we tried to do a photo shoot tonight with them in their costumes. I was able to get a few good ones, but Zak also gave me a few really bad ones (but funny)....

After we took off their costumes we put on their sweater vests from Seth & May. We think they are adorable!


Annie said...

I wish all of you feels better soon.

The pictures are great and they look so cute with their costumes.

Hope you have a nice Halloween.